About Us

Global Equip trains and resources leaders to equip people to follow Jesus in meeting the spiritual and physical needs of others.

Our Team

Board of Directors:

Dr. John Thompson – Professor, Executive Director
Dr. Jason Wakefield –Director of Operations
Dr. Brian Main – Bible Content, Professor
Rev. Paul Taylor – Support Raising, Pastor
Mr. Chris Young – Strategic Planning, Architect

Ministry Leadership:

• International Ministry Partners
• Teaching Teams
• Local Church Partners
• Poverty Care Teams

Our History

The seeds of Global Equip were sown in Sierra Leone, West Africa in 2009 when Dr. John Thompson was invited by Rev. Gregory Bangura to come and implement a training program for pastors from three West Africa nations. John formed a team of American pastors to come with him from America to invest in the lives of pastors in Africa. The training program this team created is called the Global Equip Institute. In 2011, that training program was replicated in a second African nation. Today Global Equip has expanded into Southern Africa, East Africa, South Asia, Southeast Europe and the Caribbean.

In 2011, John teamed up with his long time friend Jason Wakefield to launch Global Equip. Jason had developed an expedition in New England exposing people to the historic places connected to the first Americans who left the United States to take the gift of Jesus to the nations two hundred years ago. The expedition Jason created was called the Global Impact Expedition. Recognizing their shared vision and passion, John and Jason decided to join efforts and start an organization known as Global Equip that could equip and resource leaders across the globe.

Contact Us

P.O. Box 472131
Tulsa, OK 74147
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